Azerbaijani propaganda of hatred against ethnic Armenians at the state level

During the Azerbaijani aggression against Artsakh in 2020 and after the end of the war several Azerbaijani officials have made racist statements against Armenians, which, as we have already noted, had become widespread among the Azerbaijani users of the Social Networks as well.

The President of Azerbaijan and other officials of this country while speaking about Armenians used offensive and racist remarks such as “enemy”, “fascist”, “dishonest and treacherous”, “unbeliever”, “inhuman”, “people of unknown origin”, “cave tribe”.

President of Azerbaijan I. Aliyev

“…See who we faced with and who we defeated? I repeat: we have not only restored our territorial integrity, but we have also broken the back of Armenian fascism. We have saved the region from Armenian fascism; we have saved the world from Armenian fascism. It may attempt to resurrect, but we will not allow that to happen. Everyone should know that. We will take any steps necessary to defend ourselves.”

05.10.2020թ. , – Foreign Policy Advisor to the President of Azerbaijan, Hikmet Hajiyev

“We are standing face to face with a dishonest and insidious enemy…”

11.10.2020թ. – Deputy Chairman of the ruling Yeni Azerbaijan Party, Ali Ahmadov.

“Let the whole world open its eyes wide and see with what insidious, treacherous, inhuman enemy Azerbaijan stands face to face.”

28.09.2020, Т – Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee on Science and Education, Bakhtiyar Aliyev

“All these once again show that Armenians are people of unknown origin, living as a cave tribe…”

27.09.2020թ., – Chairman of the Milli Majlis Defense, Security and Counter-Corruption Committee Ziyafet Asgarov

“Armenia is a rabid dog. They no longer understand that the rabid dog is cured, there is a needle for it. Today, Azerbaijani Army shot that needle and will continue to do so”.

11.10.2020, – MP Azer Badamov.

“You don’t have to sit at a negotiating table with terrorists and vandals, you need to continue the destruction operation. They must kneel down in front of our army…”

09.12.2020թ., Yashar Huseyn. On the calls of Azerbaijani Armed Forces at the Baku military parade

During the military parade rehearsal in Baku, on December 10, Azerbaijani Army / soldiers were chanting, “Who is an Armenian? We will destroy the enemy.”