Calls for the extermination of Armenians in the Azerbaijani segment of the internet

For many years, the Azerbaijani government and leaders have pursued a state policy of fostering hatred toward Armenians. We felt the consequences of such a policy during the Second Artsakh War in 2020. Following the Azerbaijani segment of social networks, below we present a small part of all those records in which Azerbaijanis demand the extermination of all Armenians.

20.10.2020Fidan Rustamli.

«The best Armenian is a dead Armenian».

18.10.2020 Yagub Aliyev.

«For the safety of our future children – death to the Armenians».


«I have always said that I will not kill Armenian children, but from now on – death to them, from the youngest one to the oldest one».

17.10.2020Azerbaycan qızı.

«A people called Armenians should not exist on this earth. Death to Armenians».

17.10.2020 Gürkan TEOMAN.

«As Kemal Ataturk, Enver pasha, Jemal pasha, Talaat pasha cleared Istanbul of Armenian terrorists, we will also save Karabakh from the occupation of Armenian terrorists in the same spirit and with faith».


«Let history play out properly this time❤️».

11.10.2020 – Oruc Quliyev.

«The more of them die, the better. There will be fewer shameless people in this world».

07.10.2020 Rovshan Tanriverdi.

«The best Armenian is a dead Armenian».

07.10.2020 – Muzaffar Afandi.

«We showed a humanitarian gesture to this immoral woman who presented herself as a civilian. As you can see from the photo, she is military. Damn them. The best Armenian is a dead Armenian»:

06.10.2020 – Sebuhi Novruzov.

«The best Armenian is a dead or captured Armenian».

31.10.2020 – Martin Donat

«Armenians are like that, there is no difference between younger ones, older ones or children. There is no alternative to kill them».

31.10.2020 – Zaur Ağayev.

«… They must all be killed. Their children will grow up to hate us because they are Kafirs (unbelievers). The elderly must be killed. They have definitely been captured, they must be killed»։

10.10.2020 – Ibrahim Ibrahimov.

«The best Armenian is a dying Armenian. The luckiest Armenian lives in Baku and keeps silent».

17.10.2020 – Maarif Bakinski

«The best Armenian is a dead Armenian. We must kill all Armenians terrorists. We should not feel sorry about it».

31.10.2020 – Nurlan İbrahimov.

«We must kill all Armenians – children, women, and old people. Nothing matters, we must kill them. We should not feel sorry about it. If we do not kill them, they will kill our children».

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