New evidence of desecration of the monument to Marshal Armenak Khanperyants (Khudyakov) by Azerbaijan in Artsakh

One of Azerbaijan’s social network users shared a video that once again demonstrates cultural vandalism in the village of Mets Tagher in the Hadrut region of Artsakh, temporarily occupied by Azerbaijan.

The video is one more undeniable proof of the fact that, as a result of Azerbaijani vandalism in the village of Mets Tagher in the Hadrut region, severely damaged the MiG-17 fighter aircraft of the USSR hero Armenak Khanperyants, who was born in Mets Tagher.

The spread video clearly shows how the fighter aircraft, symbolizing the memory of the Marshal, are in an inverted and broken condition. The buildings located on the territory near the fighter aircraft are also in a ruined and miserable condition.

We recorded the cultural vandalism against the bust of Marshal Khanperyants, the house museum, and the fighter aircraft located on this territory a few months ago. After comparing the satellite images of the village of Mets Tagher for a few years, we reported that, in addition to the MiG-17 fighter aircraft, the Azerbaijanis destroyed the bust of Marshal Armenak Khanperyants.

This is not the first case when Azerbaijanis purposefully destroy and break the monuments dedicated to the Second World War.

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