New satellite images of the destroyed Sgnakh cemetery

The Azerbaijanis completely destroyed the cemetery in the village of Sgnakh in Artsakh. The latest satellite images, which are dated August–September 2021, indicate that a year after the occupation of the village, the Azerbaijanis completely destroyed the cemetery.

Satellite images of the cemetery 09.2020

Satellite images also show that the Azerbaijanis have destroyed the cemetery, although it is not located on a new road under construction. This fact proves once again that Azerbaijan implements a systematic distraction of cultural values in the occupied territories of Artsakh. Artsakh Minister of Education, Science and Culture Lusine Karakhanyan also spoke about the vandalism of Azerbaijanis in the territories of Artsakh.

She added that the monument to Nelson Stepanyan, the monument to the Armenian genocide in Shushi, and Sgnakh cemetery, over which the road was paved, were destroyed.

Sgnakh cemetery 2021.08

Earlier, the site also reported that Azerbaijan destroyed the Sgnakh cemetery and other cultural monuments on the new roads under construction in the occupied territory of Artsakh.

The Caucasian Heritage Watch warned that the Sgnakh cemetery was under threat several months ago, and altered published images to prove it.

*We remind you that this is not the first case when Armenian cemeteries in the occupied territories of Artsakh are completely destroyed for the construction of new roads, despite the fact that they are often not even on the way of the road. The Azerbaijanis also destroyed the historical cemetery in the village of Mets Tagher in the Hadrut region, which was also not on the main road under construction.

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