Calls to demonize and dehumanize Armenians in the Azerbaijani domain of social media

There were also calls to dehumanize and demonize the image of Armenians in an organized way along with the calls to kill and destroy Armenians among Azerbaijani users of various social media both during and after the war (see this in our previous article).
The terms “enemy”, “fascist”, “terrorist”, “unfortunate tribe”, “weed”, “vampire”, “disgusting neighbor”, “immoral” and similar obvious negative offensive and racist terms were used to “describe” the Armenian nation.
It should be noted that similar calls, speeches and statements were also regularly made by Azerbaijani officials.


“We have met a nation, having no equal in terms of inhuman acts on the face of the earth, the most hated enemy. We call Armenians fascists, however fascists are poor compared to them…”

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“Fascists, terrorists, get out of here. You are such an unfortunate race, that you attack unarmed, spread like weeds in the world, shameless Armenians. Let God give you trouble, savages!”

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17.10.2020թ.Nigar Veliyeva.

”Armenian will drink our blood like a vampire, will our pain pass with a ceasefire?”

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04․10․2020թ․ Aydan.

“In Azerbaijan we don’t say “Armenian”, we say “immoral, useless, illegal birth, shameless, terrorist”…and I think this is awesome.”

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04․10․2020թ․ – Kefsiz İsgəndər.

“I wonder, what is that grave sin, that for so many centuries we have been living with this awful neighbor.”

29․09․2020թ․ –&nbsp– İTV news presenter Jale Hesenli

“Villains who have nothing, invaders who turn a blind eye to what others have. Azerbaijani Turk’s blood flows in my veins. The blood doesn’t change, being Azerbaijani is an honor, being Armenian is an offensive. Please don’t insult me.”

28.12.2020թ.BEN AZERİ.

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29.12.2020թ. – Lahe Memmedova

“I am afraid of the Azerbaijanis of my nation, carrying an Armenian blood…”

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28.12.2020թ.BEN AZERİ.

29.12.2020թ. – Fuad Əliyev.

“The generation of this hyena nation should be destroyed. These are so disrespectful, selfless, worthless and shameless tribe, that they must be collected and buried alive. Then they say, come and live with an Armenian in a same place. Will it be possible to live with this rag nation?”.

06.10.2020թ․Azərbaycan Türkcəsinin Dirilişi.

-Pasha, what do you think of the Armenian-Turkish friendship?

Enver Pasha – A germ cannot be friends with a human being.

01.11.2020թ. Sova Asi.

“What is the feeling of steeling and taking? You have to be ruthless, traiter, forger, aggressor, flattering, shameless, unknown, silly, selfless, liar, terrorist and in a word, Armenian to be able to do that. I do not know a second nation that can do that. You are unfortunate, if you are Armenian.”

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