Calls for the murder of Armenian children in the Azerbaijani segment of the social network

Calls for anti-Armenian hatred by Azerbaijani social media users during the Second Artsakh War are a consequence of state propaganda against Armenians in Azerbaijan. Such calls for aggression were at the base of inhumane torture and murders during the war, committed by ethnic Azerbaijanis.

In the comments studied, users call for “killing Armenian children, women, and old people” and for “not pitying Armenian children.” Even polls were conducted with photographs of Armenian children, and the question was: “Will users kill an Armenian child or not?”

31.10.2020 – Nurlan Ibrahimov: “We must kill all Armenians.” There is no difference between children, women, and old people; we must kill them all. We should not feel regret. They will kill us and our children, if we do not kill them.”

17.10.2020 – MarsuPilami: “I have always said that if the child is Armenian, I will not kill him, but from today, of course, they all must die.”

Հայ երեխաներին սպանելու կոչեր ադրբեջանական օգտատերերի կողմից

17.10.2020 – Cavid Necefov: “The more you say you will not kill an Armenian child, the more our children will die.”

13.10.2020 – Elmeddin Muradli: “Someone wrote: If there is an Armenian child in front of you, will you kill him? I think, in some cases, abortion is not a sin.”

29.09.2020 – Torzeewildbag: “How many women and children have we already killed? I will take a shot for each one.”

28.10.2020 – Sona Əmirova: “We cannot feel sorry for an Armenian child. The “child” will grow up and become an Armenian guy.”

29.10.2020 – Suleyman Raziyev: “If you see an Armenian child during the war, will you kill him? Answer honestly.”

29.10.2020Samera Faradjova: “Armenian blood flows in their veins. Sooner or later, the blood will make itself felt. We must wipe them off the face of the earth. How can we not purify such a wild nation?”

31.10.2020Ayşən A. Mustaf: “The best Armenian is a dead Armenian. Their children will be the same, their old people will be the same. All of them are bloodless and useless. There are good people and bad people everywhere, but they turn out to be bad for the whole nation.”

31.10.2020 – Zaur Ağayev: “… They all must be killed. Their children will grow up and fight against us. They are unbelievers. The old people had to be killed. They had to be killed in captivity.”

31.10.2020Martin Donat: “An Armenian is a nation, where there is no difference between an old man, a young man, or a child. They all must be captured and killed. There is no other way.”

31.10.2020Xatun Absəlimova: “We must not feel sorry for an Armenian child. When I said that we must kill Armenian old men and children, they threw stones at me… An Armenian will not change; the best Armenian is a dead Armenian.”

28.10.2020Murad Mirzezade: “… Armenian mothers and children must be killed.

28.10.2020TuranAliyev: “This nation, these Armenians, must be wiped off the face of the earth. A woman or a child are potential terrorists. There are no innocent civilian Armenians.”

16.10.2020 – Leyla Leyla: “Personally, I say that Armenian children must die, they must be uprooted. They are the enemies of the Turks. There are no good ones, do not feel sorry for them.”

05.11.2020 – Səbinə: “… Armenian women, children, old men, they all must die.”

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