The inhuman treatment of Armenian prisoners of war by Azerbaijan: torture and humiliation

During the Second Artsakh War, Armenian prisoners of war were subjected to torture and physical abuse. Humiliating acts were carried out on them, which is a gross violation of human rights.

In the videos below, Armenian soldiers are subjected to physical abuse. Azerbaijani soldiers use offensive terms towards them, for example, “ignominious.” In addition, Azerbaijani soldiers force them to repeat that “Karabakh is Azerbaijan”.

The presented evidence clearly shows that the actions of Azerbaijan can be characterized as the grossest violations of human rights and as war crimes. These actions are a gross violation of articles 12 and 50 of the Geneva Convention of 1949, Common Article 3 of the Geneva Conventions, and the 1st and 2nd Additional Protocols to the Geneva Convention (articles 75-2a and 42a).

One more noteworthy fact is the humiliating attitude towards Armenian prisoners of war. Videos of violence are widely spread in the Azerbaijani segment of social media, and many Azerbaijani users encourage such actions.

Acts of violence against Armenian prisoners of war

In a video entitled “Armenian POW is shocked by slaps and beatings from the glorious Azerbaijani army”, an Azerbaijani soldier slaps an Armenian soldier and curses him.

In another video, an Azerbaijani soldier hits an Armenian soldier on the head and face with the words: “What are you doing in Lachin? You do not know whose Lachin is? “

In the article with a mocking title “One more replenishment of the musical ensemble “Ax Fidai, jan fidai”, where the best voices from Armenia have already gathered,” an Armenian soldier is lying on the ground with bound hands and eyes. An Azerbaijani soldier kicks him on the head and curses.

The latter periodically replies: “Please, I will say everything. I will say it again. I will say everything. Do not do it, please. ” We can see in the video that another POW in the uniform of the Armenian Army is lying on the ground. He’s tied up too. We can hear the voices of other people, presumably screaming in pain.

In the video, a group of Armenian POWs with their hands tied are walking, accompanied by Azerbaijani soldiers. The latter periodically beat Armenian soldiers and insult them.

In this video, Azerbaijani soldiers are torturing and mocking an Armenian soldier.

In the second part of that video, another Armenian soldier is being tortured, then one of the Azerbaijani soldiers says: “Don’t beat them now, we’ll take them there and beat them after”.

In some of the videos studied, Armenian POWs are being tortured and forced to repeat that “Karabakh is Azerbaijan.”

In the video, Armenian soldiers are on their knees, and they are forced to repeat several times that “Karabakh is Azerbaijan.”

In another video, a soldier who is obviously in serious condition, speaking with great effort, is forced to insult Nikol Pashinyan (Prime Minister of Armenia), accusing him of being taken to military operations, as well as of the outbreak of the war.

In the video, an Azerbaijani soldier hits an Armenian soldier on the head and then forces him to insult Nikol Pashinyan.

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