An extraordinary report by the Human Rights Defender of Armenia about the trophy park in Baku

[Translated from Armenian published in July 2021] On April 12, 2021, the “Military trophy park” was opened in Baku, where the helmets of Armenian soldiers and military equipment taken as trophies during the Second Artsakh War were presented. There are also wax figures in the “park”, which have a mocking nature, and with the help of them,  various  “scenes” are presented, including the “scenes” of the capture of Armenian soldiers. The aim of these “scenes” and “statues” is to denigrate the image of the Armenian soldier.

The Azerbaijani authorities organized a grand “event” in honour of the opening of the park, which was covered by all major media resources in Azerbaijan. Azerbaijani authorities, including the president, made a speech about the “park”, and visits for Azerbaijani citizens were organized without any age restriction. Such a policy of the Azerbaijani leadership clearly demonstrates that they will not only continue the anti-Armenian propaganda at the state level but will also encourage it within their own society.

Armenian Human Rights Defender Arman Tatoyan has prepared an extraordinary report titled “A Park of killed Armenian soldiers and chained prisoners of war opened in Baku: A museum of human suffering and the promotion of racism.:

The report presented photos of wax figures of Armenian soldiers, which were widely circulated in the Azerbaijani segment of social media. Among other things, photographs of children committing  violence against “Armenian soldiers.”

The Human Rights Defenders’ report presented photos of the “park”  as well as comments in which different users supported violence and published mocking photos. For example:

  • “They tied vazgens like dogs so they would not run away.”
  • “Thanks to the people who created these statues. They accurately showed all the features that characterize these vile, shameless, immoral traitors and murderers.”
  • “Next stop – Yerevan, Zangezur, Goycha.”
  • “I hope that the exhibition of these trophies and figures will last a long time. The next generation must know the enemy nation and remember them with hatred. “
  • “Friends, tell me that the eyes of these figures are very big. Bravo to the creators. It seems like they are afraid of the arrival of the UAV. In relation to the second figure, the right words of our president fit: “Why did you hide here and there like rats?””

The report also mentions  a number of  condemning statements and comments from international organizations and social media about the “park.”

The Human Rights Defender further stated that the report will be transmitted to international organizations, emphasizing that the decades-long anti-Armenian and hostile propaganda of the Azerbaijani authorities led to torments and cruelty during the war, and now it hinders peace and solidarity in the region.

The whole report is available here:

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